What's Going on Over at Perilous Pauline's Blog?

Hello. I'm mostly blog over on my website, but I thought I'd post some links here to give you an idea about how I roll. 

I've got a game going on this week, both on my blog and on Facebook. Hop over to either place to Peril along with me! 

Here are some quick links for you: 

Get Lost in An Adventure

Why I wrote Family Treed and Louisiana Lagniappe

New Orleans Helped Me Unleash My Inner Crazy

And if you want to play the game, just click here to get started!

I'm also on YouTube as the Dead Author Live (Goodreads says I died in 1999. What? And no one told me! Honestly, I found out on Twitter.) I hop you'll pop in and look around. 

Perilously yours,