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Kicking Ashe: Project Enterprise: Book 5

Kicking Ashe: Project Enterprise: Book 5

Ashe is a time traveler and time fixer, both unusual and difficult jobs. Her assignment: Help fight off the baddie trying to hose Time. Her reward: Time kicks her somewhere and some when where she is stuck dealing with an alien warrior who is about to be erased.

Warrior and sometime bad guy, Vidor Shan wants to find his brother and get back to his life. Instead, he finds a beautiful alien in the middle of a crater on a planet that is suddenly unstable in ways that violate known laws of science.

Ashe claims that time is twitching and that someone is trying to not just kill Vidor, but erase him from all time.  Vidor and Ashe must learn to trust each other even as the future changes before their eyes, transporting them from one dangerous adventure to another.

Click on an incredible journey that reviews call “the perfect ending to a favorite scifi series.”

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